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Discover The Natural Beauty of Lake Sebu…

The Lake is a God-given food basket that never dries-up.

For 1000′s of years, man has been searching for the meaning of life and what it is all about. Historical civilizations have noticed nature with their keenest eye to forecast certain phenomena. Some observed the motion of stars while others attached themselves to the movements of Mother Nature. In the present days, we have austronauts, engineers and scientists who do endless researches for survival on 2012 predictions.

Survival, as talked about means quite differently in our fashionable society however with 2012 drawing near, survival in its true essence has introduced fear to many people. Many imagine the world ends by 2012. The predictions of the Last of Days ranging from a long time ago. The Bible even mentions it in detail. Man in typically imagine that quickly the world and every little thing in it will perish. Nevertheless, many wouldn’t wish to expertise it of their lifetime. The 2012 predictions has set the minds of individuals in panic. Tales have spread about the world ending with both fire or ice. Furthermore, it was only some years in the past that 2012 the blockbuster hit made the world look deep into the world’s destruction. Now the world is much more at chaos.

2012 predictions all started method again within the ancient civilizations of the Mayans. Now that basically sounds very outdated however it’s a truth! The Mayans were a people who had been cosmic readers. They star-gazed and read whatever motions there was in the night time skies. Not only that, they calculated these motions and by some means noticed patterns and figures which associated them to an upcoming phenomena. And what is more wonderful is that their predictions had been all accurate.

Their strategies have been tailored by the current NASA individuals especially the calendar. however, the problem is, the Mayan calendar ends at 2012. No matter is left beyond that year, nothing is way said and all is left to speculate on the 2012 predictions that it will likely be Doomsday.

If such issues have been to happen, is there chance that some could survive? And when you have been to surpass the year 2012, who can be the other individuals you’d be with for the next years? Would you even wish to go on living? Such questions leaves us sceptical an doubtful however regardless if you’re non secular or a carpe-diem individual, surely you don’t wish to end your life so quickly and so drastically.

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2012 predictions has induced loads of panic amongst many individuals 2012 prediction.

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Wrestling with my mind, Part- 2

Let’s discuss about the eye and the sight. The frequencies of waves that are transmitted from the eye to the brain range between 4000 and 7000 Angstrom. In the same manner that light emits a frequency that we can detect sound also emits a frequency range. The human ear can detect vibrations which pass through our ear drums ranging from 18 to 16,000 hertz. Other frequencies that exist are the Radar frequencies, AM frequencies, FM frequencies, and etc. Why do these frequencies exist? Let’s say you were to draw a line with a razor and we call that line the range of frequencies visible to the human eye. Above and below the range is the range of frequencies that are of an infinite range of frequencies that our eye cannot perceive. The frequencies we can perceive are a razor line of a mere 3,000 Angstrom. The frequency of sound that we can perceive are an even thinner razor line in the spectrum of sound frequencies. Somewhere in between these two ranges of frequencies are frequencies that we perceive in the form of scents or tastes. In fact, the universe is an infinite range of frequencies. The universe, our world, other worlds, in fact existing by itself are nothing but an ocean of frequencies. In this ocean of waves, entities perceive each other by detecting and converting each other’s frequencies. The true essence of all beings, our world, the sun, our galaxy and the universe is nothing but a network of frequencies. Each living entity emits certain range of frequencies and each entity perceives these and frequencies and form their holographic universe with what they perceive. So there are an infinite number of configurations within an endless amount of dimensions in the universe. Therefore, the amount of living entities within a universe consisting of an infinite amount of configurations and dimensions are infinite as well. And all the entities exist within the frequencies they can perceive  are oblivious to the infinite amount of other entities in other ranges of frequencies. In fact, there are no different dimensions. Originally, there is only ONE configuration and ONE dimension. This dimensions can be described as an ocean of frequencies. This ocean of frequencies is broken down into infinite number of frequency ranges, combinations and configurations. This is what we mean when we say, “I”. How does the self that we refer to come into existence? First of all, I’d like to talk about the common usage of “self” and how it is created. I call it “false self” or “the formed I”. The creation of the false self starts with the genetic data that results from the coupling of sperm and egg. It’s then further shaped by the influence of astrological effects on the specific development of the brain. And later still through the needs and desires of the body that are met by the brain. This combination of influences, leads to the creation of a false self that assumes that the self is nothing more than  the body that contains the brain. This self is primarily formed by the second brain. We have a second brain in our body. The latest research shows that there are many millions of neurons (also known as brain cells) in our gut. These neurons are the source of our bodily needs and sensations. These needs and sensations are created by sending certain enzymes and hormones to the brain. All the sensations like hunger, fatigue, lust and other bodily needs are generated by the gut brain which is also known as the second brain. More information about the second brain can be found in a book with the same title by a renowned American doctor, Michael Garson, M.D.. The second therefore is the primary brain. From the instant of birth, this second brain has the control over the primary brain, better referred to as the true self. As this control starts from the instant of birth, you are completely oblivious of the fact that you are a slave of the second brain and think that YOU are the one who decides what to do. In reality however, your gut brain is pushing and even commanding you what to do. The second brain lets u fulfill its wishes and desires based on the pre-conditioning and biases that have formed in the primary brain. In Sufism, this is referred to as “nafs I ammara”, which can be translated as the commanding formed self. By convincing you that you exist in a physical world, the commanding formed self directs you to pursue your material desires. It makes you fulfill your materialistic needs and pleasures for the purpose of your life. It highlights your animal traits. Philosophers described a person ruled by his second brain as “an animal that thinks” or the “most sophisticated animal”. The term “sophisticated animal” refers to the human body. As the human body has needs that are common are shared by all animals. The desires of the gut brain are formed and fed by the way your environment has filled you with biases and the pre- conditioned you. The gut brain thus command you to sit, walk, act and consume according to this pre-conditioning. Once the gut brain commands an action, your primary brain will activate itself to fulfill the desired action. This system functions automatically. Typically we will take ownership of this automatic reaction by actually saying, “I want it to be so”. In fact, this is an automatic system in the brain. If one day you say, “ I eat, drink, sex, sleep but all these are animal traits and in which side of me makes me human”? And if you ask this question, like”Who am I”? Am I an animal that eats, drinks, reproduces and sleeps and eventually vanishes after death? This questioning of your “self”, although you are still under the control of the second brain, will eventually open new dimensions within your mind. To find the answers to these questions, you have two paths that you can follow: Either you believe and follow the teachings of those in the knowledge as it is impossible to obtain a “Manual” to decipher the system we exist in; or if you were born in the beginning of the 21st century, you’d start to think and question based on the scientific facts and realities. Now let’s leave aside the aspect of faith of our topic and move on based on the scientific facts…

The first reality when we start our search based on science is that all we see and witness is nothing other than a holographic world within our minds. As a famous stage writer  wrote: All the world is a stage; all we live and see is like a stage and this stage is set in our minds”. We exist in individual cocoons unrelated to the other. Although we receive frequencies from each other, the frequencies we receive determine the extend in which we are aware of each other. As I previously explained, although I receive frequency waves from you, I can never know your inner world nor can you ever know mine. The only reflection that comes to me from you is “me”. When I am told of someone all that I can perceive is a projection, and that’s all. I know that person- I can truly know that person. We exist in a world of pictures, and we live and submerged with an infinite albums made up of pictures. In the meantime, we live ignorant of both this fact and the fact that our lives are being directed by our second brain. It is an interesting to know that there are three core structures in the brain. In fact there are multiple structures but they bear less relevance than the three cores so let’s focus on these. The main structure in the formation of the human with animalistic traits is the cerebellum. This structure is formed based on the information is obtained with experience, education and practice. There is a little difference between us learning through practice and repetition an a lab rat navigating its way through a maze using memory and its sense of smell. The cerebellum is situated at the back of the human brain and naturally covers a greater surface when compared with other animals. The second important structure is called the “amygdale” and is a tiny gland within the brain. The amygdale is the source of fear and emotion. The role of the amygdale has been well researched and documented in several research projects. This knowledge has become so much a mainstream that you can now watch a documentary on this matter of the History Channel. Although these subjects are rarely discussed in Europe, the role and function of the amygdala is well documented in the U.S. The amygdala is the source of fear and emotion. The source of chemicals that influence the amygdala is the second brain. The influences coming from the second brain create “fears” in the amygdala Many of the primal survival instincts of human beings, the most important being on self- preservation are based on fear. Humans need to continue to avoid what they fear to protect themselves and continue living. It is fear that stops us from walking into fires. The fear of being burnt emanates from the amygdala. U.S.research demonstrated that the amydala can dramatically vary in size from one person to the other. Some persons than can have an amygdala that is 59% smaller than normal while others have an amygdala that is 75% smaller than normal. It appears that serial killers have an amygdala that is 75% smallr than normal. When the serial killer is asked whether he regrets his actions, his reaction is that his actions were in his opinion was normal and he shows no regrets. The amygdale controls our fears, our animal instincts and our emotions. In otherwords, it controls the emotions that are linked to our view of our body.

Part- 3 will cover about the third and most important and most researched structure od the brain is the prefrontal cortex.

Wrestling With my Mind, Part- 1

From the moment we are born, we are conditioned to think and believe that the external physical world in which we live and move is reality. Reality according to this conditioning is that everything around us exists in its physical form. Whereas science has demonstrated as an irrefutable fact that reality is formed by our senses and is the translation of the input of our senses in our brain. The fact is that, what we perceive as reality portrayed by our eyes, is nothing more than a light wave frequency that reflects from any object, passes through the retina and travels from the eye to the brain. Our sense of scent and hearing work the same way. A scent passes through the nose via the nasal receptors and to the brain as an electrical frequency, just as a sound travels thru the ear to the brain as an electrical frequency. Frequencies of all kinds know some of which originate from objects or beings that are not yet known to us, reach the brain the same way. The brain converts all these waves within itself and portrays the images that we see. These facts lead to the conclusion that everything we see, smell and hear, without exception  is nothing else than what is called a multi- dimensional holographic world. Do these images we perceive exist outside our created multi- dimensional holographic world? They probably do, because the frequencies emanating from these objects create these perceptions. However, none of the objects that exist on the outside exist in their original form in my mind. The question rises in which form these objects do they exist in the mind? In our mind, we have a collection of pictures that are formed by electrical frequencies from every one of you and from each and every object we perceive with our senses. What happens then when we record a video? The camera records the sounds and images. But the camera does not record my inner thoughts and feelings and what’s happening inside of my body. It only records my outer self that are created by electrical frequencies. So the holographic world in my mind you all exist as a sort of a video album of individual frames created by electrical frequencies. When I say, I am thinking of you, I remember you means that I recall the video album in my mind about you. I watch the recorded video albums called “memory” by recalling them from the archive-cache memory in my mind. So when I say, “I” means an entity which lives a multi- dimensional holographic life in his mind. This is the same with each and every one of us. Anyone who exists as a mind, lives and experiences according to the system I just described. Therefore, my mother is a video album. As is my father. As are my daughters, son, my family and my friends and relatives. Everything exists as a video album in the cache memory in my mind. A video album that consists of pictures or snapshots which are the product of electrical frequencies that reach my brain. This is what my world is composed of. Each time I get angry with someone else, my anger is directed to the video album in my mind of that person. It all transpires within my mind and my anger does not touch or reach that person. My struggle, my happiness, my anger and my sadness are all with a specific video album. At times, the video albums in my library are the source of my suffering and I torture myself with my anger, desires or sadness. At other times, they are the source of joy and pleasure and give me happiness. Well then, how is it possible that a visual image can exist in my brain? The answer is simple…Do you have dreams? Yes I do. Where does a dream take place? Is it something that happens somewhere outside where you can watch it? The answer is no. Perhaps it would be better if you did not call it a dream but a multi-dimensional holographic world. In the same token, the things that you live and experience when you are “awake” can be referred to as “day dreams”. In reality, you do not live in the external world but you live in a world that is created by yourself. Just like you enter a different world from your partner sleeping next to you when you go to sleep, your waking hours are also spent within your internal dream world separate from the world of others. The fact that you communicate and interact with your partner does not mean that you share your partner’s world. Your partner lives on his or her life and you live yours. There is only interaction between your worlds. You feel as if you live in a materialized world. This is not the case. You live within your brain. You live in the holographic world in your brain.  In fact, there is more to it than just this. It has a dark side as well. We now know that thew brain is a network composed of hundreds of billions of neurons. The brain is dark, it harbors no light. Even if there is no light in our brain, the bain is able to use its ability to convert frequencies to create the illusion that we call “sight”.

God has bestowed the brain with such an extraordinary ability, that it is able to create the illusion of light and images where neither exists. We call our physical cognitive center a “brain” and see it as part of our body. That is what we’ve been taught. But the brain is a network composed of hundreds of billions of neurons. During the past 5 years, it has been determined that each neuron within our brain works with its own distinctive frequency.

“The freedom we have is simply amazing. And while we still deal with everyday life, there is serenity all around us. It’s a slower pace, a simpler life, and we are much more deeply connected and happy.”

Hi there!  My name is Oscar R. Acosta & Welcome to my homepage!!! I am an OFW presently working as a Test & Trial Engineer, Ship Repair Facility at the King Abdulaziz Naval Base in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. I lived in General Santos City (Gensan), South Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines, and Lake Sebu is my second home.

We all know that we need a vacation to recharge our batteries and then enjoy one on one time with our family, relatives and friends. Our vacation house in Lake Sebu that was constructed last year can be completed before the end of next year. The house is overlooking the lake and it is about 10.00 meters away from the main concrete road w/ a good parking space. The foundation of the house up to the ground floor are all concrete; and the first floor and the attic are made of hardwood and bamboo

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materials. The water supply and electrical service connection in the house is available. But I did not know that the cost of installing a solar energy these days is cheaper than I thought. This can help me reduce the dependency in electric supply from the area. At this time, my research & study about the feasibility of using the “Green Power Easy” is not yet completed. It’s no secret that we’re so dependent on the power companies and without that line in from the power grid, our lights, our fridge, as well as all the convenience that we’re used to can’t be done. We would not be able to cook our food, we’d live in the dark and our food would spoil. The truth of the matter though: we don’t have to depend on the power company at all.  We can produce renewable green, energy right from our home that will supply all the power needs and more. Most people around the world have converted their homes to a renewable energy (free). I may also use this conversion to our residence in Gen. Santos City in the future. To know more about the solar energy,  you can visit this site at More about this later.

I enjoy going to Lake Sebu because I want to take some fresh air and it’s cool, quiet and peaceful, and most of all, so natural. While sitting at the balcony on the first floor, I enjoy relaxing while seeing the view of the lake and the mountains before the sunrise and sunset. It is just  to remind us to thank God’s goodness and greatness. I find that Lake Sebu is not only a one-of-a-kind small town but rather, a hidden gem that I want everybody to know about the uniqueness of the place. Seeing the view, sitting, chatting, eating and sleeping are most of the things that I normally do while in Lake Sebu. It’s the opposite thing that I do if I am in the city where almost everything is moving, tall buildings, crowded vehicles, so many people rushing, good eatery outlets, hot weather, polluted air, noisy and many more that makes my life so dry and boring. I find that Lake Sebu is a good outlet for me because it is different and  it gives me the total relaxation and comfort that I need in terms of my physical and spiritual well-being.

Our vacation house is also located inside the compound of the Nadine Resort & Restaurant. The Nadine resort started to open some 3 years ago. It’s been accepting visitors and/or tourist for quite sometime now to facilitate their accommodation and food service. When you visit the Nadine resort, the eatery that is about 20.00 meters away from our house, is the first thing you will see and you can easily park your car w/ no hassle and then dine to the restaurant to relax and slowdown while seeing the view of the lake.  TILAPIA dishes always dominated the menu. A tilapia could be cooked and prepared all the way because it’s all in the menu. Some of them are even quite unimaginable like the  “Nilasing na Tilapia, anyone? How about Spicy Tilapia Fillet? Tilapia Vegetables? Kinilaw na Tilapia? Or do you want your tilapia to sizzle in brown sauce? How about the Tilapora (Tilapia Tempura)? Chicharon Tilapia? Pinaputukang Tilapia? Sinugbang Tilapia? Laswa na Tilapia? Sinugnug naTilapia? Sinigang na Tilapia? Inihaw na Tilapia (grilled)? Sinangay na Tilapia? This is one of the main reason why I love to go to Lake Sebu due to the fresh tilapia dish that I really love to eat. When I leave Lake Sebu and want to bring tilapia as  a pasalubong, I prefer to buy the fish in the market because it is cheaper. If you are not in the mood to have a Tilapia dish, there are some food to order like the fried chicken, grilled meat. but “YOU SHOULD NOT LEAVE LAKE SEBU WITHOUT EATING A TILAPIA!” Or,  “YOU SHOULD NOT VISIT LAKE SEBU IF YOU’RE NOT EATING TILAPIA!”

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Update: If you are planning to travel to Mindanao and wish to know about the safety of the area that you are visiting, this story can help and provide the basic information for you.  If you wish a more detailed security report, look on the sidebar of this site, you can find a link there where you can obtain a detailed security report for the locations that you will be visiting in Mindanao.  I charge $49.99 for this service, and you can pay by clicking on the Paypal “Pay Now” button on the sidebar.

I receive many e-mails asking the same question – “ Is it really safe to go to Mindanao? ” To be honest with you, I find no single answer that can be correct for each time the question is asked, but again, let me try to address the issue on this post.

For the most part of Mindanao is a safe destination to travel. There are some serious exceptions, though. Parts of Mindanao are extremely dangerous, while the majority of the island is just fairly safe. One thing to remember is that in today’s world, there is no place on earth that we can say, is perfectly safe. No matter where you go, you could be hit by a crime, terrorism, natural disaster, calamity or whatever. This is true if you travel to Mindanao as well.

Some places in Mindanao are very dangerous and should be avoided by the average tourist. And I should also be doing the same thing as you do. The United States and other nations have issued travel advisories warning their citizens that travel to Mindanao is dangerous, and perhaps should be avoided altogether. Personally, I feel that in many ways these warnings are overblown, and were mostly issued by people who have never been to Mindanao, and also know little about the place. There are some places in Mindanao or other places in the world that I can say are not suitable for tourism.

Now, as I said earlier, terrorism and war is not a huge concern, because places that have those problems are very much isolated and few. However, there are many things that can still cause problems on your trip. Remember the people who went to Thailand for Christmas last 2004 saw that first hand when the Tsunami hit them. There are earthquakes, floods and such around Mindanao virtually all the time. But, again, it is not the entire island that is hit, only in some small area. No matter where you are, whether you are in Los Angeles, London or Mindanao, you can have your bad day spoiled by a pickpocket, right? The key here is that, please use common sense wherever you go. If you are in Mindanao and concerned for your safety, don’t go out in the town until 3am.  That could lead you to trouble anywhere you go. If it is night time, and you are out of town, and if you see an alley way with a bunch of thugs hanging around, you can bet that this is not a good place for you to explore. Move on to another area! The key point here is this – Use Common Sense!

So, in my opinion, it is safe to go to Mindanao. It’s a beautiful place and I am sure that coming to Mindanao for a visit will be something that you can remember fondly for a lifetime. But, to make sure that those memories are fond, do a little research before you come! Check out and see if the city you are planning to visit is safe. Don’t go around flashing a lot of money (here in the Philippines, even $20 is a lot of money to many people). Be aware of what is going on around you. Don’t be careless or stupid! This is just good advice and it is always true even if you go to Disneyland for a vacation.

I cannot and will not guarantee your safety, but I am happy to give my advice. The final decision is yours. When it comes to advice, remember that actions can speak louder than words…. and I live in MIndanao! That should say something.